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Up and Coming Farmers’ Market in Thonglor

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28 April 2019

28th April 2019, Suan Khru Angoon - If there’s anything more wholesome than visiting an organic farmers’ market at the weekend with your family in tow, then we’ve discovered it. Running from April 27th to April 28th 2019, Jai Talad Farm & Folk Market and Eat Better partnered up for a fun-filled local farmers’ market featuring more than 30 vendors at the ‘Suan Khru Angoon’ (‘or Teacher Angoon Park), Thonglor Soi 3.
With organic calamondin lotion and flower-infused tea, Jai Talad has plenty to bring to the table when it comes to eating right for yourself and the environment. Farmers and local producers gathered from all over Bangkok to sell their locally-sourced seasonal food and products, whether that’s your basic fridge supply of fresh fruit and vegetables or freshly harvested rice. Visitors were able to browse local organic products like pesticide-free fibered pillows, organic coffee beans from high altitude grown coffee trees, artisan breads, and silver handcrafted jewelries - all produced and sold at fair prices.
As with any farmers’ market, an eclectic mix of food stalls from the iconic Khao Soi to the refreshing pomelo salad was also featured, as with the delectable array of street food-style skewers from BBQ seafood to sliced bananas - all of which were made with organic ingredients.
The market also hosted four hands on interactive workshops that taught participants and onlookers about various agriculture and urban farming topics. It was a full house for the Microgreen Workshop, where participants were given the opportunity to grow the nutrient-dense vegetable greens, as well as pick up a few tips or two on how to run a profitable microgreen business at home. Leading urban farming organization, My City Farm, also gave their share of knowledge and advice on sustainable waste management and organic fertilizer production as part of their ongoing effort to educate about food waste across Bangkok.
Intrigued? Catch the next Jai Talad market event at https://www.facebook.com/JaiTalad.co/
About Eat Better
The “Eat Better” campaign is an awareness-raising initiative to promote sustainable consumption and production through the adoption of a renewed mindset along the fork-to-farm continuum for a sustainable food supply chain, where producers are invited to rethink agriculture, with consumers giving thought to the value of food and its production. 

Through online and offline activities, the SCP project under WWF-Thailand aims to mobilize citizens and civil society organizations alike to picture a world where responsible consumption and environmental preservation is a reality.

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