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FLR349 Fund:

The King’s Philosophy, Reforestation, Sustainable Livelihoods and Safe Food


FLR349 Fund is a fund that has been developed based on the King’s Philosophy of “Three Forests, Four Benefits” and the development of a value chain which could become a model for farmers living in watershed areas. The FLR349 Fund helps farmers turn their agricultural operation from forest-encroaching mono-agriculture with intensive use of chemicals into the “Three Forests, Four Benefits” agricultural system which helps to restore the environment by stopping destruction of top soil. Farmers learn to grow perennial trees, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs in a mixed system that is sustainable, and which replenishes the soil. Such plantations function like carbon sinks and water reservoirs which make possible the production of diverse and safe foods for consumption. It helps to empower farmers and their community, helps to reduce their living expenses, and helps to keep them healthy. As a result, they can break free from the endless cycle of debt that has trapped many farmers in in our current food system. This system is consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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The efforts of the FLR349 programme has already help achieve some big successes for farmers of Northern Thailand. Read more about the progress below.


The FLR349 Fund will be a flagship model to restore watershed areas and reduce social inequality and food insecurity by applying the King’s Philosophy. It will be based on participation of all sectors and aims to yield collective benefits in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is hoped that the FLR349 Fund model can be replicated in all areas throughout the country and the world. It is expected that within the first ten years, we will be able to develop food production forests covering an area of 50,000 rai and turn a denuded watershed area into a lush and green ecological system to ensure food security on a sustainable basis for our children.